10 tips to improve your website speed

Increasing your website speed can have many benefits, not only related to user experience but also improve your SEO results/google ranking score. This article was heavily inspired by the content available at https://developers.google.com/ and https://web.dev and brings some tips/concepts to make your website faster.


WEB APIs: Important Concepts for beginners: Business Logic x HTTP Layer

In this short post, I will focus mainly on giving an idea/mindset of view/separate the HTTP Layer/Controllers vs Business Roles. So this tip will be most related to traditional Web MVC frameworks. Does not matter if you are developing it using Ruby, C#, Java, or Javascript, for example, the concept can be applied to different languages and frameworks.


How to build multiple Gatsby websites/SaaS applications using shared themes . A quick overview of gatsby theme and monorepository.

In many situations, especially for SaaS applications, we can have multiples web applications using the same components, layouts, features, services, etc. Let's imagine you have to set up the same web application with the same data structure for different customers, then you might need to change little things such as images, colors, and all the data with is sitting on your backend CRM system. (I will use contentful in this example). We will use Gatsby Theme which is perfect for this situation. We'll share components, services, graphQL queries, pages, everything! It's easy, simple to maintain & deploy.


5 Things that help me to become a better Software Developer

As a software developer, I know how busy we are and how many different ideas we got in our minds: learn and study new techs, fix bugs, contribute to open source, start a business, etc. Can you count how many new tools came up since last year? I sometimes ask myself what is the secret to becoming a successful software developer, although I believe the word success is extremely subjective. It depends on each person and on their goals. I do not believe in a magic secret to become a successful software developer, however, if we start to take care about ourselves, plan and set goals, study and work hard, I believe we have a better chance. I wrote this article to share some important things which are continuously helping me to become a better software developer. Hope you'll find it useful.

Web Development

Deploying React and Angular Single Page Applications to AWS Cloudfront

It's not new that many web application nowadays is SPA (Single Page Application) and it tends to grow a lot. In this article, I will show how it's easy, simple and cheap to deploy your web app in a few minutes using AWS S3 & CloudFront.