About me

Who Am I?

I am an energic software developer from Brazil based in New Zealand. I moved to New Zealand in 2018 and since then I am still living and working here. I love to deal/solve problems, specially when I have to learn something to solve them.

A bit more about my background

I have experience as a Software Developer working with different stacks and programming languages following agile methods for 6 years. I am quick to understand business requirements, learn new technologies and deliver practical solutions. Besides technical skills, I am friendly, communicative and work well within a team.

In the most part of job positions I was involved with all software development cycle, from the business requirements to the deployment. One of the things that keeps me motivated it’s to learn new things, that’s why I love to read and try to be always updated with latest technologies/tools (here is how I do it). I had to learn and implement new tools in the most part of roles that I have been working on.

For the last two years I have been working mainly with:

  • Business Analysis/Requirements
  • JAM Stack (Gatsby, Contentful)
  • Web Api’s Design/Development (HTTP Protocol, Security, REST, Performance)
  • FullStack Javascript/Typescript Development (Angular , React, Node, NestJs, etc).
  • SQL Databases design & development (Design Databases, Complex Queries, Performance, etc).
  • AWS Cloud Development/ Management (Serverless, ApiGateway, CloudFormation, AWS Beanstalk, AWS CodePipeline, EC2, ELB, CloudFront, S3, ElasticCache, AWS Amplify, etc).
  • CI/CD (Set up pipelines, tests, automated deployments using AWS CodePipeline, Circle CI, Bitbucket pipelines, etc)

What else I am good at?

  • Experience with software architecture/enterprise applications in different languages such as .NET and Java. (MVC, SOLID, Spring, etc)
  • SEO (Audit, Best practices, Google Tag Manager, Search Console/Analytics)
  • Short experience in native mobile development (Objective C and Java)
  • Microservices/Event driven architecture (Even though I never implemented any production app using it, I know how to use/architect a scalable micro services (Message Brokers, Stream Processing - Kafka, etc, Event Streams/Buses, Api Gateway)
  • Infrastructure as a code (Cloudformation & terraform)
  • Design Mind Maps to validate / start new ideas.

What I have achieved so far?

  • On the first two years of my career, I have been working mainly with .NET & SQL development, I have built a web system which is being used since 2014 by a medium size catering company to manage all of it’s internal processes. This work was used as my final thesis and achieved maximum score, you can find all design/solution here.
  • I have been working with complex ETL/SQL queries, Web Api development and deployment and have delivered many backend/web api’s systems using .NET, SQL which are being used by more than 500.000 users in Brazil.
  • I worked on the conception, design and development of a brand new product called Beduka which works like a google, gathering all information about courses and universities in Brazil. We have used Java, .net, elastic search and mysql.
  • On my current role at navigate travel, I work developing and managing all IT resources and also leading software development projects. I have been working mainly with Cloud development, Web Api and Javascript full stack development. We have achieved many things together, as a migration of a huge enterprise system using JS/TS, the development of brand new websites using React and many other things.